Hello Club members

Here you will find few videos taken and edited by our club members.
If you have some video material that you would like to show on this page
please contact Geoff Dryer at E-mail


Nick's Banchee Camera
Pilot: Dave Scoular
(turn your speakers on)
Mark's - Valkira Dance,
khhh, khh Swift Dance
Rastafly's Yak 55 Waltz
(turn your speakers on)
Rastafly - T-Rex the beginning
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EP Dean's NightStik in the air

Brad's Learning curve
(Some funny stuff here)

I am not sure whose biplane this was but it sure was beautiful Mark's Swift Fly Show   
Ivan's big floater plane Baloon Bust on one of the FlyIns this summer   
Nenad'sindoor maiden flight Guyzer's stand alone camera. No wires, takes 4 min of video   
Larry's Waco biplane People and planes this
summer FlyIns

Elis taking of from thick grass

Do we fly helicopters?
Why are we Hood's Up members?
Another Guyzer's video this time with some music in the background Rastafly's night flyer. T-Rex with computer glow wire and powered blades with LEDs.  
RastFly hovers foamy bipe on Chilliwack's Hobby Show Alvin of Jet Hobbies does some crazy T-Rex 3D indoors stunts on Chilliwack's Hobby Show  
Jeff's winter ready Banchee Mystery Winter Night Flyer (funny)
(I'm sure you'll figure who this is)
Only mad man can do this stuff Father's Day 2011 funfly.