BECOME A MEMBER of Burnaby Lake Flyers club

How do I join the club?

1. First you need to obtain the MAAC insurance number. MAAC stands for Model Aeronautics Association of Canada which is official governing body for Model Aviation in Canada. All members are required to have MAAC number. This way you are also insured for possible damages that you may cause while flying an RC model, providing that you have followed the MAAC and Club safety rules. Go to MAAC WEB site and pay online for 1-3 year membership. You will be sent a MAAC membership card that you are required to have every time you fly at the Burnaby Lakes field.

2. Download Membership Form from this link and fill it out (right click over the link and save the file). This form is in PDF format so you can print and fill it out.

Please send your application with a cheque for $50 to the address on the top of the form.