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nd November 2006


Greetings Burnaby Lake Flyers,

Hello flyers. It seems rainy days are here again but we are not giving up. The days are also getting shorter which narrows our opportunity to fly on the week days, but we are not giving up because we love what we do. If we can't fly we can model and make our aircraft better.
This month we will start giving you information about projects our members are taking on, new equipment, videos, photos, etc ....... anything that our members brought up for this months Newsletter, so enjoy it.
Check the new photos in the Gallery section as well as few new videos.

Here is how you can help

If you want to help creation of this newslatter each month please send us few lines, photos videos, etc. regarding our hoby and club activities.
Send emails to admin@hoods-up.com
Here is few ideas for topics that all members can share information on:

* field events and interesting stories from that month
* information about events and competitions (local and world events)
* comments/reviews and information about new RC aircraft models appearing on the market
* info and reviews on new RC equipment. If you got any new equipment
   that you want to recommend drop few lines of text about it
* describe your favorite flight move to club members or reveal a cool trick that you do in
  your flight routine. Share some flight wisdom with club members
* tips on assembling, modeling, matching components for RC aircraft
* photographs and video footage. Check latest videos on Hood's Up
* got anything for sale???? Let us know, we will let everyone know.

This Months Spotlight

In attempt to introduce club members to one another better, we decided to put one member under the spot light each month. Here you will learn more about faces you see on the field very often. How many times has it happened to you that you know a face but you don't know the name of the person on the field? We may help each other if we just get to know each other better.

So this month the Spot Light has landed on Eliss Pang

(RastaFly for Hoods-Up) Tell us a little about yourself, who are you, what do you do?
My name is Ellis Pang, I work for a construction cost consultant firm.

(Hoods-Up) What is your current fleet layout? What do you have ready flying at any given moment?
(Ellis Pang) I have a Great Plane Super Sportster (48" wingspan); a P-51 Mustang (48" wingspan); a pattern plane Hotpoint (40" wingspan) and two slow flyers (E-Flight Gypsy and Color Butterfly).

(Hoods-Up) Do you have any plans for building any new aircraft or pulling off some new project?
(Ellis Pang) I just finished a Spitfire (48" wingspan), hope to maiden it soon. My next project is a Yak54 (47" wingspan). I think the one after that will be a high wing Super Decathlon (65" wingspan) which is on the shelf for a while. This is what happened when you see a plane you cannot resist. I better not surfing the web too much.

(Hoods-Up) How long ago did you start your interest in RC flying? Whats in it for you, why do you do it?
(Ellis Pang) I started the hobby exactly two years ago. I like airplanes since I was a child, but never thought of flying a RC model until I saw the club members flying their planes in one Sunday afternoon. I gave it a try and have been addicted since then.

(Hoods-Up) Any tips for club members or any suggestions?
(Ellis Pang)

(Hoods-Up) Do you have any equipment or aircraft to recommend to our club members?
(Ellis Pang) Different people have different favourites, it is hard to recommend one. You can see I definitely like scale plane and pattern plane.

(Hoods-Up) Any interest in trying to fly real planes?
(Ellis Pang) No such plan yet and I don't think my family would approve it even if I can afford it.

(Hoods-Up) Say something politically incorrect. : )
(Ellis Pang) Don't be shy, come to fly

(Hoods-Up) Man that is actually very nice thing to say. It is not politically incorect at all.
OK Ellis is a nice guy as we all know meeting him at the field frequently. Big Bravo for Ellis

NEXT WEEK IN SPOT LIGHT ....................... Mr Dave Scoular (if he agrees, .....hmmm I said this last time but we didn't get to email him since his computer is down. We'll see what happens)

New Equipment this months…

DX7 7Ch DSM2
John Drobe brought to our attention.
Unlike its older brother DX6, the new DX7 radio has more features and could become a choice for serious fliers. The new radio reminds very much of the old JR6102XP in the layout of the buttons and switches. Cursor keys, navigation, and screens on this radio seem to be almost exactly as on JR6102.
Great news for heli flyers is that there is now a 5 point curve available for both pitch and throttle settings. Also exponential settings are available for the rudder, which wasn't the case with older DX6. This radio can now become a very serious choice for helicopter pilots. Helicopters tend to have a lot of radio glitches and this radio and receiver could be completely glitch free. Typically ESCs, motors and other electronic components create interference on frequencies that DX7 doesn't even see.
Follow this link to get more information DX7 7Ch DSM2
Potentially this should be a completely glitch free system.

Phantom Sentinel
What in the world is this thing? Are we going to fly stuff like this one day? Is this a toy is this for real military use?

Look at this photo and get intrigued even more....

If you want to learn more about this exiting RC aircraft check the following link Phantom Sentinel


Last newsletter I brought to your attention the new carbon blades for the T-REX with LEDs built into the blades. This is a great start if you wish to attempt night heli flying. However this is not nearly enough for comfortable flight. Good visibility is the key. Glowire promises to solve the problem for both helicopters and planes but it seems little pricey for what it offers. Go check http://www.glowire.com

However there is alternative. Actualy great alternative that is 3-5 times cheaper and in so many ways even better than the original.

Very simple computer glow wire does the trick.
Next month we will show you how to make one for your plane or helicopter. Meanwhile take a look at this video. It is not take in complete darkness due to the limitations of the camera but pitch black flights are possible, and I've done it many times


Member's Projects

Walter Coates "ELECTRIKADET"

Many years ago, I learned to fly on a Sig Kadet airplane. I remember it had a Fox .45 motor in it, and it was a great trainer; a really enjoyable, easy-to-fly, sport plane. I also remember that building it was nearly as much as fun as flying it. Now that I'm retired and I have lots of time to play again, it seemed like a perfect idea to buy a Kadet Seniorita kit and convert it to electric power. The Seniorita is a little smaller and lighter than the old Kadet, and the back half of the fuselage is balsa stick, built-up style -- quite old- fashioned or "retro" looking I think. It looks very nice with transparent covering.

I started building it about 4 years ago, and the Seniorita sat, partially finished in the corner of my workshop (the 2nd bedroom of my apartment) for a long time, waiting for me to get around to finishing her. In that time I have gone through a GWS E-Starter, a GWS Tiger Moth 400 (a great plane, for a foamie, that is), a Greensleeves Glider, a Corona helicopter, and a GWS Spitfire. An e- Flite Mini Ultra Stick is just about ready to fly too.

After doing considerable "research" (mostly bugging Dean and Al at Norburn Hobbies for their expert advice) I decided on an AXI 2820/12 motor, and Phoenix 35 ESC for the Seniorita, now called my "Electrikadet". I wasn't sure what battery to use, but since I already had a 2200 mah, 3 cell lipo, I thought it might be just barely enough for some short test flights. It seemed like a very small power plant for a surprisingly big aircraft, but what-the-h***!

Motor mount for the AXI was a problem! Finally, an old friend who is an expert machinist made me a beautiful set of 4 threaded aluminum posts that fit the AXI very closely, and they screw to the firewall and the standard AXI front mount. See the photos. Also, notice the cool air scoop which I carved for the top of the nose. It is supposed to provide cooling ventilation for the ESC.

I think I was suffering from a bad case of "Stupid" when I modified the bottom of the nose for the battery compartment. I glued a plywood platform in there and put Velcro on it to hold the battery in place. It works fine, but because I have the battery sitting on top of the platform, its ridiculously difficult to get the battery in and out for charging ... very dumb! Also, the hatch cover is pretty rough looking because I was getting very impatient to finish the plane. I'm not providing any photos of the battery installation! :o)

I also debated whether to convert it to a tail-dragger, and also whether to reduce the wing dihedral and add ailerons, but eventually decided to stick to the published plans. Having flown it a number of times now, I think the tricycle landing gear makes take-offs and landings very easy and smooth. However, I'm going to build another wing for it with little or no dihedral, and add ailerons. The handling is fine with rudder and elevator, but it would look even nicer on the turns if it had ailerons.

Yes, I have flown it a number of times now, and very surprisingly, the motor and battery combination provide a very adequate amount of power and duration. The 3 cell, 2200mah hour battery gives me at least 15 minutes of easy flying time, and on take-offs there is plenty of power to climb out very nicely. Once at altitude it cruises around beautifully at about half-throttle. By the way, I found that full throttle only draws about 26 amps with an 11X7 prop. This is not an aerobatic plane, but it is a joy to fly and looks beautiful in the air. And landings are a thing of beauty, even for a non-expert like me.

If you are considering a larger, slower, more graceful, gentle electric flier, I'm sure you would enjoy this plane. It is so relaxing to fly, and its SO big and easy to see, compared to most other electric planes! Bigger planes are also much easier to build, especially for big, clumsy hands like mine.
And wooden airplanes are so-o-o-o much nicer than foamies!

To summarize: Build it "stock" as recommended in the plans, with the following exceptions:
1. Build or buy a suitable mount for the motor of your choice.
2. There is plenty of room for an ESC of your choice behind the firewall, but make sure there's lots of ventilation. If you decide to modify the wing for ailerons (2 extra servos), you will need to add an external BEC as well.
3. There's PLENTY of room for the battery. (There's plenty of room for just about anything in this fuselage!!!) Making a hatch in the bottom of the fuselage provides very easy access. (I'm sure you'll come up with a better design than I did!)
4. I recommend reducing the dihedral and adding ailerons. This will be my winter project. If anyone is interested, I'll take some pictures of the modifcation once its complete. I might even increase the wingspan a bit ... maybe even add flaps too. A bigger wing would make it possible to carry some interesting cargo, like a camera, or a parachute, or ...???
5. If you build it light, a 3 cell lipo battery of at least 2200 mah, and the AXI 2820/12 motor works fine. I'm using an 11x7 prop, but I'm going to experiment with some other props soon.
6. There is PLENTY of room in the fuselage for an on-board digital camera.

PS -- I must thank some people for their expert help -- first, the guys at Norburn Hobbies, Dean & Al: for putting up with all my dumb questions over the years. And finally, Ian MacGregor, first class machinist and designer: for coming up with the simple, light, strong, motor mount design.

PPS -- I'm an early-morning flier, often at the field around 8 or 9 in the morning. There's usually very little wind at that time, and very few people, especially dog walkers and joggers crossing the field. The biggest problems are the sun in my eyes, and the fresh, slimy goose poop! Cheers from Walter CoatesT

Cheers from Walter Coates

Friendly Advice for flying at the field…

The club executive is preparing set of rules and recommendations that we will let you know about as soon as they are available. Meanwhile PLEASE use common sense and follow these general rules:
* Never fly over the cricket pitch if cricket players are using it.
  In genereal never fly over people on the field.
* Make sure your aircraft is always in front of you. In other words never go behind the flight line.
  Do not ever attempt any maneuvers that will get your aircraft behind the flight line.
* If you see three pilots on the flight line and you intend to be the fourth one,
  make sure you have a spotter with you.
  This way you can focus on the aircraft and do "your thing" while the spotter makes sure
  that other air traffic will not be in your way. It's like having a private butler, hehehehhe
* If there are five pilots on the flight line make sure you WAIT until one of them lands.
  Remember there can be only 5 pilots on the flight line.
* If you are flying a helicopter make sure you are located at the upwind end of the field.
  This means you will be first or the last guy on the flight line depending on the wind direction
* If you are flying a helicopter consider your flight style and adjust it to the given situation.
  If you are not flying the circuit (like planes) but rather performing some 3D moves, make sure you
  are on the far end of the field and that all other pilots are aware where you are and what you are doing.
* If you are flying a 3D plane follow the same rules applicable to helicopters
* NEVER turn your radio ON unless you make sure your frequency is free.
  Go to the board, put your pin on the board, and turn your radio ON.
  After your flight take the pin off the board and turn OFF your radio.

Past Events

Recently we had a hobby show at the Chilliwack Heritage Park. It was mostly a train show but there were a number of vendors promoting RC aircraft of all sorts and kinds. Several areas were set aside for demonstrating light airplanes and helicopters. The Blade CX was flown all over the place and it seemed to be the crowd's favorite.
From our field we had the Jet Hobbies guys present with their helicopters and planes.

Alvin did some very nice T-Rex 3D flying in a very confined space. He said it was very hard to keep his moves nice and tight. He did a great job though.
If you want to se Alvin flying at the Chilliwack Heritage Park, click on the link below.
VIDEO -- ALVIN - T-Rex 3D in Chilliwack Heritage Park

I also dared to try flying indoors in this small space. I brought my biplane that I got from John Mrazek. I never tried flying this thing indoors so I was little nervous. I knew I could hold it in hover easily so I thought ... "if things go wrong I go vertical". Hehe it worked rather well. Take a look at the video by clicking on this link below
VIDEO -- RASTAFLY - hover hover little star - Chilliwack Heritage Park

Fall/Winter Flying Schedule

These are our official, (scheduled) allotted times. No one else may use the fields during these times other than flyers and your executive worked hard to get these days for you, make sure that they’re used!!!

Wednesdays: the whole day until Dark
Saturdays: the whole day until Dark
Sundays: the whole day until Dark

Monday, Tuesday, Thirsday and Friday are casual times.

This usually works on "first come first served" basis. If no one is using the field, we should be able to use it as long as we put the signs up and take them down once we are done. If lawn mower man is working on the field go and talk to him. They are usually fine with either taking a break (they like to sit and watch us fly) or quickly finishing that side of the field.

Coming Events:

ANNUAL Swap Meet

Date: 4th November, 2006
Time: 10:00 AM - 3:00PM

Location: Kamloops Calvary Temple Church Rogers Way, Kamloops, BC
              (Opposite side of Hwy #1 from Aberdeen mall. Turn right off highway,
                then 1st right onto Rogers Way. Church on left approx. 1 block)
Cost: Toonie
Table rental: $10.00 per table. Can be shared between 2 people if limited items are for sale.
Limited concession onsite.
Lester's Hobbies will be in attendance.

For further information, go to our club website at: www.highcountryflyers.homestead.com
For table rentals please contact the undersigned at: refwcf75@telus.net
Thanks in advance for your assistance.
Event Co-ordinator - Ron Flack

November 18 & 19 at The Aberdeen Centre.

Photos from the past events available:
Year 2005:
Year 2004:

During the 2 days, there will be an area designated for our club members to display their great collections. Each of the items will be displayed along with an information tag. And, of course, display of our club information & banner/ poster on-location. There's no charge to our club nor members of your club. This is really For the enjoyment of model lovers and spectators.

Also, this year, we have included a model contest for the public to vote For their favorite models.
Please feel free to discuss further soon! Elaine can be reached at her office:
604-638-1818 x. 1106 or cell: 604-306-4674 Thanks very much!



As I promised last month, we have added two new galleries featuring photos from Dean Stoney and Fero Zatko. These two Hood's Up members were the most active photographers on the field and most of the photos in the gallery were already coming from their lenses.

Please check out the new Gallery Layout. Now it is devided to 3 sections.

Hood's Up Flyers - Genral Gallery

Hood's Up Flyers - Dean Stoney's Gallery

Hood's Up Flyers - Fero Zatko's Gallery

Yours truly
Dejan Stanisavljevic (RastaFly)

Burnaby Lake Flyers

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