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Greetings Burnaby Lake Flyers,

Lots of changes coming folks so pay attention to this one, important information included!


New President and Executive for Burnaby Lake Flyers:

Well, its official…I have stepped down as your President and am now preparing to move to the Nelson, BC area just after months end. A number of changes are necessary to insure that you guys are looked after. First off, Richard Mrazek our VP has moved up into the Presidents chair and Jeff Franchini has stepped in to act as the club VP until the AGM in December. Dave Scoular has acted as our un-official club secretary up until now and has been asked to fill the position now until the AGM as well. John Hees (Treasurer) and Jeffrey Northey and Russ Roxburgh (Safety) have all agreed to stay on in their positions. These changes have all been recorded with Victoria officially as well so that everything is now nice and tidy. So effective immediately your new club executive is:

Richard Mrazek, President, Phone: 604.805-0002 or E-mail
Jeff Franchini, Vice President,
John Hees
, Treasurer, Phone: 604.732-5996 or E-mail
Dave Scoular, Secretary, 604.736-5048 orE-mail
Jeffrey Northey
, Safety Officer, Phone: 604.945-8475 or E-mail

Russ Roxburgh, Safety Officer, 604.524.5893 (no e-mail)

It has been a distinct pleasure to have been involved with such an active and vibrant club over the past 6 years. The fact that I was lucky enough to be able to serve you in a number of capacities over the past 6 years was great. I’ve made an awful lot of good friends throughout these years and I’m going to miss you all. I’m proud to have watched the Burnaby Lake club grow into what it has become today, Canada’s largest Electric flying club. You guys have done yourselves proud, all of you. Congratulations…now keep up the good work!


Webmaster Dejan Stanisavljevic continues to keep the site looking so crisp and clean. He’s continually adding lots of new content including a video section for your enjoyment as well as our usual features including the Forum and Gallery sections. Check it out, its one of the best I’ve seen

BURNABY LAKE “Jacques Heyrman Memorial” FLYIN

On Sunday, August 13th we will remember one of our members who passed away after putting so much effort into helping build our club at our 3rd annual “Jacques Heyrman Memorial Fly-In”. This year we are featuring a different format as in the Fly-In is free! There will be raffles for many good prizes and food - refreshments will be on hand.

At this point volunteers are needed to help put this event together and pull it off successfully. We need set-up people available early Sunday morning (9:00AM) to help set up canopies and the flightline signage. We also need help for Registration and the food concession, as well as transmitter impound duties. To help please contact by clicking on either of the names below:

Dave Scoular – General Volunteers

Dennis Chatfield – Concession

The Fly-In runs from 9:30AM until 6:00PM with the main raffle draws at about 3:00 in the afternoon. I hope that this year’s turnout is spectacular and that everyone has a great time.


Sunday, July 2, 2006 our MAAC President Richard Lyle Barlow and BC Zone Director Doug MacMillan visited out field. They spent the afternoon enjoying the few flyers on hand flying and then answered questions that members had regarding various MAAC issues. All in all I think that Richard was pleasantly surprised at how nice our field was and how amenable the members were. (Richard Barlow, blue shirt. Doug MacMillan, red shirt)

Friendly Advice for flying at the field…

On weekends we have the unfortunate situation of sharing the facilities with the cricket players. Over the past weekend I watched with concern as many of you flew over the cricket players on the field. I guess you guys haven’t read or don’t understand your safety rules very well because overflying of anyone on the field is grounds for immediate suspension. This is not some draconian rule here, it is common sense. Do not, at any time over-fly the cricketers or any other groups using the field…ever! Failure to remember this could result in your club membership being suspended for a period of time to be decided by the club executive.

In the NEWS

Our new Spring/Summer schedule is now in effect. Please insure that you observe others rights to the field if they have an allotted scheduled event. Members disregarding this will be severely penalized and could lose their flying privileges.

Sprin/Summer Flying Schedule

These are our official, (scheduled) allotted times. No one else may use the fields during these times other than flyers and your executive worked hard to get these days for you, make sure that they’re used!!!

Mondays: 4:00PM until Dark
Wednesdays: 4:00PM until Dark
Fridays: 4:00PM until Dark
Saturdays: Sunup until 11:00AM – 7:00PM until dark
Sundays: Sunup until 11:30AM – 7:00PM until dark

Upcoming Burnaby Parks Scheduled events

Aug 10,11 SFU Camp Soccer Camp 8:30am-4:30pm 3,4,5,6

Aug 13 Bby Lk Flyers Fly In 8am-10pm 3,4,5,6

Flying Events


Well, we got Lyle out of the tree long enough for him and his wife Carol to hold a great Fly-In at their place in Surrey a couple of weekends ago. The event was put on over the weekend our field was closed to us because of other scheduled events. Lyle and Carol did a great job hosting this event at which approximately 30 of our members attended. Lyle has a really great site and it’s a really nice place to fly from (see attached pictures). The members in attendance were treated to food and refreshments all weekend long, including lasagna on Sunday night following the wrap-up of the festivities. This event shows lots of promise and reminded me of early Chilliwack meets I attended years ago and you all know that Chilliwack is the granddaddy of them all out here now. Maybe Lyle’s will be the next big event weekend out on this side of the country in the next little while. If you missed this year’s event Lyle’s already promising another one for next year too, so pay attention next time! I’d like to pass along my appreciation to Lyle and Carol for their hospitality (and help after my van died suddenly on the way home!) and hosting such a nice weekend at their place. I really enjoyed myself in the laid back atmosphere and best of all, with it being at Lyle’s place, there were no rules…common sense only! Thanks again you two…

Coming Events:

Chilliwack Summer Electric Only Fly-In – Aug 26-29, 2006
contact Jim Copley at
jc1112@telus.net or
phone 604.824.0944

Fun Stuff

Red Bull Flugtag is coming to Vancouver: If you or anyone you know has a knack for tinkering or creating, please forward this link to them and check out the website to watch some video from past Flugtag's. http://www.redbullflugtag.ca/en/default.html
Doug B, President
Burnaby Lake Flyers

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