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Greetings Burnaby Lake Flyers,

Ohoh, looks like the "Prez" is falling behind again…Last Enews was over two months ago so I'll have to do some updating for you all…Lots of goodies this time around!


Wow, Norburn Robbed at gunpoint!

On Friday June 16, 2006 two of our members were involved during a robbery at Norburn Hobbies, one of our clubs best sponsors. Dave Scoular and Neil Achilles had gone over to see Dean to pick up spares and stuff in the afternoon. While they were in the store some creep dressed like a ninja showed up waving a pistol. At first both Dave and Neil thought it was just one of the guys screwing around but soon realized that the gun pointed at Al Bowers was indeed the real thing and that this was a serious scenario they were involved in. Poor Al had the gun pointed at his head from about 3' away and was ordered to give the $#% all the money in the till. Al proceeded to do exactly what the guy was ordering him to do and put the money from the till into a bag. The creep then exited saying "Thanks Gentlemen" and disappeared around the corner. Unthinkingly Dave gave chase until he realized that the guy was only separated from him by only few feet, with a single little bush for cover. He quickly realized the error of his ways and retreated. After giving the police a full report they were finally allowed to leave and return to the field where they remained pretty shook up. I'm glad to hear that this didn't turn far more serious or end up with someone getting hurt, perhaps badly.


 Congratulations to our webmaster Dejan for keeping the site looking so crisp and clean. He's added lots of content to the site including a video section for your enjoyment as well as our usual features including the Forum and Gallery sections. Check it out, you'll really be proud of the club site, its one of the best I've seen http://www.hoods-up.com


Sunday, June 18 we enjoyed our first Fathers Day FlyIn, resurrected from the joint effort usually held between RCFCBC and the Burnaby lake Club in past years. Dean Stoney caught many, many photos of the relaxed affair and everyone enjoyed the first of the nice weather flying with no competition from the cricketers. We even had live, onsite entertainment as former, banned club member Jordan Dobrikin showed up as did Parks and finally the RCMP. Most members were simply amazed at how silly an old fool can get…It was finally over when the police got annoyed with him and removed him telling him if he returned inside the fence that he would be arrested!

As usual I got involved with a little friendly leg pulling with Dave Scoular pointed at our “unwanted” guest of the day….Jaz doesn’t look amused at all…

The next shot show’s the event of the day a balloon pop contest. It involved letting a helium filled balloon go up into the air and trying to pop it with your plane…The contest was a hoot, guys were flying like the WWI pilots in dogfights, unbelievable!

To fly in and out all around the balloon was a very entertaining for all involved and really sharpened the pilot’s skills. In each event (there was three) three balloons released in succession (until they flew off the field area). At that point another balloon would be released until all three balloons were gone for the round. In the first round there were a lot of very close calls, but no cigar. Same for the second round with many close calls but still the guys were unable to pop a single balloon. Finally, in the third round Dave Scoular popped the first balloon with his “SlowStick”, but that was shortly followed by Dean Stoney’s foam P47 cutting through it as they both exited the airspace at the same time. Dean swears he’s going to put his first kill sign on his P47 and that he only needs 9 more “kills” to get ACE status…maybe watch for him flying…haha.
The rest of the day’s activities can be found at http://www.viathelens.com/HoodsUp
Click on June FlyIn on the left side of the page and view all the days’ antics. Thanks again to Dean for persevering throughout the day!


Sunday, July 2, 2006 in the later afternoon Richard Lyle Barlow our MAAC President will be visiting our Burnaby Lake Field. Come on out and help show him a good time and introduce him to the biggest electric club in Canada!


The next issue I want to address is placement of the signs on the field, both putting them up and removing them following your flying. There are a number of issues here again folks so pay attention. We are now in our Spring/Summer schedule (see below) so this means we are going to be sharing our fields again. There are two layouts for signage, one for full field, the other for our reduced field size on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Because there are others allotted to use the fields now we have to insure that we follow these rules carefully as well as make sure that the signs are up before you go flying and that the last one to finish flying removes the signs. If any problems with the signs areencountered please let Dave Scoular know, he's become our unofficial sign repairer… (Thanks Dave!). We also have a new sign (yes, sigh another one…). This new sign is to be placed at our entrance gate advising that anyone entering the field area has to be either a member or an escorted visitor. This was done following the expulsion of an undesirable member and at the request of Burnaby Parks. It is a slightly different sign than all the rest and easy to spot. For full field coverage during our allotted times the correct way to place the signs are as follows:

And for modified field times (ie Saturdays and Sundays between 11:30AM and 7:00PM).

In the NEWS

Our new Spring/Summer schedule is now in effect. Please insure that you observe others rights to the field if they have an allotted scheduled event. Members disregardingthis will be severely penalized and could lose their flying privileges.

Friendly Advice for flying at the field…

A member has again brought up the need for there to be some cooperation between heli flyers, 3D flyers and regular larger fixed wing aircraft before an incident takes place. I'd hoped that common sense attitude would prevail but unfortunately this hasn't happened to date. People have continually been advised that if other flyers are present on the fieldthere is to be NO 3D flying in and out of them. Adding to the mix is the small heli's that require they be flown in close because they are so small they would be virtually invisible if flying in the full circuit. For this reason, we are now asking that all 3Der's and micro heli's not capable of flying in the circuit fly on the upwind side of the flight line as far as our boundaries extend. If the wind is coming from the south of the field (clubhouse side) going towards the mountains this means you fly at the extreme end of the field by the Cricket pitch. If the wind is reversed and the wind is coming from the mountains it means you would fly in the top corner of the field up tight to the trees. BY cooperating with us on this you will prevent us from having to add more rules to the clubs rulebook, something I wish to avoid if at all possible. Another item is calling your landings and takeoffs… this is very much a concern to thosewho are also flying. It is also a courtesy to them as well. Lets hope you can al remember to yell "TakeOff" or "Landing" in a very loud voice so that all present on the field can hear you in the future. Recently I also had an occasion to visit the flying field during the day…Much to my dismay there were no flyers present BUT our Safety notices were still up. Come on guys, it isn't that much work to put the sings up and take them back down when you'refinished. Members caught not doing either will be penalized, so pay attention...


Both your MAAC and club membership fees were due January 1, 2006 in order to continue flying right through into 2006 without any problems. Get your forms filled in now!!! Links for 2006

…………………………………….. MAAC membership

………………………………………Club Membership

Sprin/Summer Flying Schedule

These are our official, (scheduled) allotted times. No one else may use the fields during these times other than flyers and your executive worked hard to get these days for you, make sure that they’re used!!!

Mondays: 4:00PM until Dark
Wednesdays: 4:00PM until Dark
Fridays: 4:00PM until Dark
Saturdays: Sunup until 11:00AM – 7:00PM until dark
Sundays: Sunup until 11:30AM – 7:00PM until dark

Upcoming Burnaby Parks Scheduled events

Apr 15 BC Disc Sports Tournament 10am-6pm 3,4,5,6

May 13, Burnaby Ultimate Corporate Challenge 8am-5pm 3,4,5,6,

Jun 18 Bby Lk Flyers Fly In 8am-10pm 3,4,5,6

Jul 4-7 SFU Camp Soccer Camp 8:30am-4:30pm 3,4,5,6

Jul 10-14 8:00am-7:00pm 3,4,5, 6
Jul 14 8:30-12pm 3,4

Jul 14 K9 Cliffhangers Dog 12pm-5pm (set-up)
15,16 Agility 7:30am-7pm 3,4
(Requested 12pm Jul 14 thru to Jul 16 at 7pm)

Aug 10,11 SFU Camp Soccer Camp 8:30am-4:30pm 3,4,5,6

Aug 13 Bby Lk Flyers Fly In 8am-10pm 3,4,5,6

Flying Events Comming Up

July 15-16: Come and help us. The "Lets get Lyle out of the tree FlyIn" s being held at Lyle's place in Surrey on the weekend while our field is taken over by the dog agility competition. Lyle's place is at 1109 168 th Street, Surrey, BC V3S 9R8. Lyle can be reached by phone at 604 5380052 or email him at lylechase@shaw.ca Lyle has a very nice setup in Surrey as you can see from this photo...Hopefully lots of you will be able to make it out!

Fun Stuff

Red Bull Flugtag is coming to Vancouver: If you or anyone you know has a knack for tinkering or creating, please forward this link to them and check out the website to watch some video from past Flugtag's. http://www.redbullflugtag.ca/en/default.html

So you think flying a heli is easy: http://www.hurtwood.demon.co.uk/Fun/copter.swf

Test your reflexes: Here's a fun game to play. The object of the game is to move the red block around without getting hit by the blue blocks or touching the black walls. If you can go longer than 22 seconds you are phenomenal. Reportedly, the US Air Force uses this for fighter pilots. They are expected to go for at least 2 minutes. Give it a try! GOOD LUCK!!!! http://tinyurl.com/56t9u

As usual if you have any comments or suggestions please contact me directly….
Doug B, President
Burnaby Lake Flyers

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