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Greetings Burnaby Lake Flyers,

Happy April Fools Day Gang, hope this latest of our series of E-News Letters finds you well and getting ready for the flying season if you're not already flying by now like a lot of our regulars. Good to see a really nice crowd down at the field on a recent weekend as members took in what had to be one of the nicest days in March. Lots of you (over 100 now) have renewed their memberships now but many of you haven't yet picked up your cards yet. They are available from me personally on the field on Sundays between 1:30 - 4:00PM, weather permitting. Please be prepared to show your current, valid MAAC card when picking them up. 


In the NEWS…

In Memoriam: Stanley E. Peters

For those of you that missed earlier messages regarding the recent passing of one of our original members Stan Peters, he passed away suddenly on Mar. 4, 2006. A few of our members attended the "Celebration of Life" held in Stan's memory on Mar. 16 in North Van where Stan and his wife Joan resided. Our club's condolences go out to the whole Peters clan. Stan's cheery nature will be sorely missed by us all…. 

Removal of Member from Club

It's became quite apparent to the executive members that we had a problem with a past member after this member became abusive in both comment and actions at the field recently. Please be advised that this past member, who was actually voted in at the time of our 2005 AGM, is neither a member in good standing with our club, nor is he a member of the Executive, nor is he our club Secretary. Mr. Jordan Dobrikin failed to honor his commitment to the club and continued to falsely represent himself as such to our members at the field. Because of his actions he was notified by both e-mail and registered mail of the club's decision to deny him further membership because of the entire furor he created as an undesirable influence to our happy club environment.

Friendly Advice for flying at the field…

A member has again brought up the need for there to be some cooperation between heli flyers, 3D flyers and regular larger fixed wing aircraft before an incident takes place. I'd hoped that common sense attitude would prevail but unfortunately this hasn't happened to date. People have continually been advised that if other flyers are present on the field there is to be NO 3D flying in and out of them. Adding to the mix is the small heli's that require they be flown in close because they are so small they would be virtually invisible if flying in the full circuit. For this reason, we are now asking that all 3Der's and micro heli's not capable of flying in the circuit fly on the upwind side of the flight line as far as our boundaries extend. If the wind is coming from the south of the field (clubhouse side) going towards the mountains this means you fly at the extreme end of the field by the Cricket pitch. If the wind is reversed and the wind is coming from the mountains it means you would fly in the top corner of the field up tight to the trees. BY cooperating with us on this you will prevent us from having to add more rules to the clubs rulebook, something I wish to avoid if at all possible.

Another item is calling your landings and take-offs…this is very much a concern to those who are also flying. It is also a courtesy to them as well. Lets hope you can al remember to yell "Take-Off" or "Landing" in a very loud voice so that all present on the field can hear you in the future.

Recently I also had an occasion to visit the flying field during the day…Much to my dismay there were no flyers present BUT our Safety notices were still up. Come on guys, it isn't that much work to put the sings up and take them back down when you're finished. Members caught not doing either will be penalized, so pay attention…


Both your MAAC and club membership fees are due January 1, 2006 in order to continue flying right through into 2006 without any problems. Get your forms filled in now!!! Links for 2006
MAAC membership 
Club Membership

Fall/Winter Flying Schedule…

        We are currently awaiting our new Spring/Summer schedule from Burnaby Parks. It will contain all the currently scheduled events and times for flying or not flying..

Upcoming Burnaby Parks Scheduled Events:

Field Closures: None known at this point…Stay posted for updates as they become available…

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