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URNABY LAKE NEWS - FLY BY WIRE - January 13, 2006.

Greetings Burnaby Lake Flyers,

Oh Oh, Friday the 13th. Hope none of you has triscadecaphobia (fear of the 13th). Me, I only fear the rain…hah. Hope all of you have had a great Christmas and a happy holiday season. Now let’s get ready for flying in 2006…

In the NEWS…

WET, WET, WET ...............

This picture sent in by Dave Scoular says it all. We’re now at 26 days of rain and show no sign of letting up yet either…We’re about to set a new record on this Sunday. Man what some people won’t do to set records eh…

At the AGM we discussed the closing down of the Canadian Electric Flight website at some point in the very near future and the need for our own, club run and administered website. The site is now up and running with our very own discussion forum and photo gallery. In the discussion groups Nikolay Ivanov has come up with a great feature for those of you using simulators, a panorama view of the Burnaby Lake flying site which makes a great background. You can download the file here (Burnaby Lake Background). Also Dejan and I are both looking for more member input as to what we should be including on the site. For those wanting to contribute please contact us at admin@hoods-up.com or doug@alleflite.com . Other topics for future items on the site include get this…a field camera to show what the weather conditions at the field are like thanks in a large part to members Peter Chin, Gerard Kho, Attila Regenyi and Dejan Stanisavljevic. All we have to do now is wait for Burnaby to run in the ADSL line which is already in the works!

In two weeks, our first club event of the year (which we’ve co-hosted with the Chilliwack RC club) will be run at the Red Barns in Chilliwack on January 28, 2006 from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM at 44140 Luckakuck Way in Chilliwack, BC. Take Exit 116 (Lickman Rd. and turn south into the Red Barn’s at Heritage Park) for our big Indoor Fly-In and Swap meet. There is no admission charge this year because of the hassle we went through last year when the powers that be scheduled a motocross event right next door to us. This year they’ve promised us quiet to fly in so I want to see everyone out for the event. You’ll also need your MAAC for the event because it is a sanctioned event. For those of you who’ve put off getting your MAAC yet forms will be available on-site. Bring either cheques or Visa or MC. Cash will not be accepted!

The next must see is the newly revamped Puyallup Model Exposition at the Northwest Sate exhibition grounds in Puyallup, Washington on Feb. 3 – 5, 2006. You can check out HOBBY EXPO for more info. I notice that club members John and Richard Mrazek of Pacific Models will be among the exhibitors at the event. If you go don’t forget to stop in and say “Hi” to them. This show was revamped last year after lackluster attendance and declining numbers of exhibitors. Last year the show was taken over from the Mt Rainier Modeling Society by a professional organization that stages large event venues across North America and they have done very well resurrecting this exciting model exposition. Take it in if you get a chance.


Both your MAAC and club membership fees are due January 1, 2006 in order to continue flying right through into 2006 without any problems. Get your forms filled in now!!! Links for your 2006…
MAAC membership 
Club Membership


Red Barn’s Indoor Fly-In & Swap Meet;
January 28, 2006 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM. 44140 Luckakuck Way, Chilliwack, BC
(co-hosted by Burnaby and the Fraser Valley RC)
Puyallup Model Exposition:
Feb 3-5, 2006. Puyallup, Washington
Burnaby Lake Swap Meet:
late February (Date TBA)

Float Flying…

I’m still discussing what can be done to get us float flying at Burnaby Lake with the powers that be in Burnaby Parks. I will keep you all posted as to any developments as they come up. Don’t give up hope yet folks… Pilots interested in helping put on a demonstration should contact me directly here


 Fall/Winter Flying Schedule…

        Monday-Tuesday: Casual Flying (first come first served)

        Wednesday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM flying scheduled

        Thursday-Friday: Casual Flying (first come first served)

        Saturday-Sunday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM flying scheduled

During the Fall and Winter months not a lot is scheduled through Burnaby Parks so the fields should again be ours for the entire time, but if someone else should be there first during casual times please respect this.

Upcoming Burnaby Parks Scheduled Events:

Field Closures: None known at this point…Stay posted for updates as they become available…

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